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Squirt is a 20 year old 13.1H gaited pony, possibly Paso Fino. He was sold from a lesson barn in 2008 because he enjoyed going too fast which scared most of the kids. He’s been a superb trail companion with his current owner for the past 9 years. He’s had many trail adventures with his horsey friends.


He’s very kind and gets along with everyone. He can usually elicit a back rub from most horses he meets! Squirt is always the go-to guy when all his BIG horse friends refuse something on the trail. He never hesitates to walk right past it. Although he’s never been trained on obstacles, he took second place in a trail challenge once when a friend wanted company.


Squirt is always the gentleman and has perfect ground manners. He loves to be groomed and will move certain areas under your curry that he wants rubbed. He enjoys basking in the sun, clicker training, and having his face rubbed. Squirt has a sweet personality, and a kind eye just asking for attention and treats!


He retired to Ryerss Farm on Sunday, April 30, 2017. He is currently living with the upper barn herd in Ryerss’ historic upper barn, just up the lane from the main barn. His best friend is Daisy and you will often find the together in the pastures. Please visit Squirt when you come to the farm – he is friendly and welcoming to all.

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