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MOre than a century

of caring

Founded in 1888, Ryerss Farm is the country’s oldest non-profit organization of its kind, dedicated to providing a comfortable retirement for horses, which faithfully served their former owners or which were rescued from abusive situations.

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At Ryerss Farm, our business is caring for aged, abused or injured horses, providing a home where they can spend their golden years out to pasture.  The horses at Ryerss are never worked, go to auction or are used for experiments.  They simply spend their days grazing and enjoying life with their friends, as part of the herd.

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Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines received a very generous donation of $30,000 from The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare to upgrade the lighting in our main stable. All sixty stalls have had the original, single incandescent bulb fixtures removed and replaced with new multiple LED fixtures that make the stalls much brighter and safer for our elderly horses.

The aisles have also been refitted with new LED fixtures that replaced the original 30-year-old fluorescent fixtures. The aisles are much brighter and make the whole stable easier to navigate. An additional benefit from this wonderful “gift of light” is that our annual electricity usage for the stable will be markedly lower. All of the new light fixtures were manufactured in the USA using American labor.

Ryerss Farm is very grateful to the Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for this amazing, transformational gift which makes our mission of caring for elderly, abused, or injured horses that much easier and safer. We also give our thanks to Animal Grantmakers for arranging a tour of the Farm during their October conference in Philadelphia, which fostered this grant.

Old Stall Lighting.jpg
New Stall Lighting.jpg
herd of horses at ryerss farm
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