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Our mission:

a new life for rescued and retired horses

At Ryerss Farm, our business is caring for aged, abused or injured horses, providing a home where they can spend their golden years out to pasture.  The horses at Ryerss are never worked, go to auction or are used for experiments.  They simply spend their days grazing and enjoying life with their friends, as part of the herd.


Some of our equine residents are brought to Ryerss Farm by their former owners, who wish to reward their faithful friends with a happy retirement.  With more than 350 horses on our waiting list, horses normally must wait several years for an opening, provided they meet the minimum age requirement of 20.  Others are rescued horses, brought to Ryerss Farm by the SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or LAPS (Large Animal Protection Society) for a temporary or permanent home.  For more information on our residents, go to the Home Page and click on the Residents square. All of our horses’ needs are met including, farrier, veterinarian, and dental care as well as routine inoculations and medications.


Visitors are welcome to stop by the farm and see the horses between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, we are open daily. Group tours can be arranged by calling the office in advance at (866) 469-0507.  The cost is free but donations are most appreciated.  When you visit, stop by the main office and view our resident's board, featuring a picture of every horse on the farm and be sure to visit our gift shop for items any horse lover will appreciate!

Ryerss Farm is unique in that we grow our own hay!


Though Ryerss’ primary focus is always the welfare of our horse residents, outreach to our community and community involvement with our equine population has increased over the past decade.


If this is the first time you have been around “senior” horses, you may notice some differences from the other horses you may be used to seeing, such as at horse shows or riding stables.


Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines is the oldest non-profit horse sanctuary in the United States and continues to provide a haven for horses of all breeds, sizes, and walks of life.

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What people are saying

"The energy of the staff is amazing. It was my first visit and was interested in volunteering. Joelle gave me a tour and spent some time answering my questions which prompted me to give a $250 donation. I am going to apply as a volunteer and do what I can to help the organization."

fun facts about ryerss

Our Board of Directors are 100% volunteer.

 We have a 300+

Acre farm dedicated to quality care.

We have a Board Certified Veterinary Nurse on site 24/7 as well as an Animal Welfare Officer.

 We are the Lavin Cup Winner from AAEP.

Over 130 years

of caring

We are the oldest horse retirement farm and rescue in the USA since 1888.

We are the largest horse rescue and retirement farm in the state of Pennsylvania.

We are the largest horse rescue and retirement farm on the East Coast of the USA.

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