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Information on Tours and 10 or more individuals in a Group

Our first mission at Ryerss Farm is to provide a safe-haven for our horses. Our second
mission is the safety of our visitors. Here are the guidelines for our Tours and Groups
of 10 or more.

We ask that you schedule in advance. Since the Farm is predominantly Volunteer
based, we need time to schedule and staff a Tour or large group. Our office number at
Ryerss is 610-469-0533, and we ask that you give us a least one week’s notice at the
time of booking.

Tours are $5.00 per person regardless of age and are approximately forty-five minutes
to an hour in length.

Unguided groups of ten or more will be charged $1.00 per person.

We welcome all age groups, however, children must be supervised at all times. There
is no running or screaming in the barn.

We are open from 10 AM to 4 PM every day of the year, and we are happy to have you
visit our horses.

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