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Though Ryerss’ primary focus is always the welfare of our horse residents, outreach to our community and community involvement with our equine population has increased over the past decade. Programs include:


Agricultural Internships for students of CAT Pickering (Center of Arts and Technology) located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania; Work with local facilities for the disabled (Camphill Soltaine, Ken Crest and Devereaux); Hosting high school seniors who spend a month or more at Ryerss learning horsemanship firsthand to complete their graduation projects. We are also a location where community residents can perform service hours as required by local jurisdictions. Our Animal Welfare Manager provides horsemanship training and speaks to groups regarding the unique requirements of aged horses.


Ryerss is open to the public daily 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We received approximately 5,000 visitors during the 2012 calendar year, including group visits by 4-H groups, senior citizens, church groups, school and preschool children.



Horse at Ryerss Farm
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