Anne Waln Ryerss’ legacy contributes just a small fraction of the cost needed to provide quality care for our residents.  In addition to food and shelter, a horse must have his hooves trimmed regularly to prevent soreness and injury.  He must also receive a routine dental check-up and inoculations.  And, like humans, an occasional illness or injury requires a doctor’s visit.  All this, combined with special medications required by some of our residents, adds up to an average of $23 a day per a horse.  That’s more than $5,400 a year for each horse.


The folks at Ryerss do what they can to keep the costs down.  We grow our own grain, hay, and straw on site.  Since no public funds are received, Ryerss Farm relies on the generous support of caring individuals and groups.  Every donation is gratefully accepted. 

Remember, Ryerss Farm is a non-profit, charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible.


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