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Betty Boulevard

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

If you visited the Farm in the last year, you are well aware of the challenges posed to anyone who was brave enough to negotiate the drive. Our 30-year-old farm lane was in sorry shape and had deteriorated even more due to the unusually harsh winter.  Not just visiting cars, but the feed truck, the manure truck, and our own hay wagons rocked dangerously as they traveled down the cratered obstacle course.  The paving companies all said it was beyond patching and nothing would do but a full paving job. Where would we ever get the funds to accomplish that task?  Enter Betty Moran and a few members of Ryerss Advisory Board. Through their generosity, we were able to repave the lane all the way from the road to the office. Now when you drive into the Farm you have a safe entrance off  route #23 and a smooth trip to the offices and the main barn.  Come for a visit and see our spanking new lane.  The volunteers have already dubbed it “Betty Boulevard” in honor of Mrs. Moran’s pioneering donation.  We hope she doesn’t mind!

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