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10 Ways to Spend Your Summer with Ryerss Farm

Horses in Ryerss Farm field

Looking for new, fun plans for this upcoming summer? Are you interested in horses? Ryerss Farm is the perfect place for you, your friends, and your family to visit. Here are 10 ways to spend your summer with Ryerss Farm!

1. Visitation

The horses we take in at Ryerss farm are retired; they come from their former owners or were rescued from abusive situations. Each horse has a different background, personality, and look. Stop by to come visit the farm and to interact with the horses. Interacting with the horses will brighten both your day and the horse’s day.

2. How to Donate

We rely on donations to stay up and running since we are a non-profit, charitable organization. There are various ways in which you can contribute donations. One way is to remember Ryerss in your will; you can leave us with a monetary payment or description of the property. You can donate money towards dental visits, stall endowments, benches, and horse pedicures. Memory plates, greener pasture plates, and memory board plates are also other ways in which people donate; these plates are different ways in which you can honor a horse who has passed away.

Person petting horse

3. Volunteer

If you can’t contribute monetary donations, but you love horses and what we do at Ryerss, you can become a volunteer! Volunteers can be of any age, come from all different backgrounds, and want to offer a helping hand around the farm. If you are interested, we have a volunteer application that we have candidates fill out. In addition to the volunteer application, we require a background check. You have the option to either fill out an online background check or can download the form, print it out, and mail it to the Pennsylvania State Police.

4. Sponsor a Horse

One really neat thing we have at Ryerss is the option to sponsor a horse. You can sponsor a horse as an individual, a group, or a family. It cost $500.00 a year to sponsor a resident. You can come to the farm to select which resident you want to sponsor or you can learn more about our residents on our website. There are two options in which to donate. The first option is to fill out the sponsorship form and send it to the farm with payment. The other option is to donate online.

White horse and double rainbow

5. Our Residents

We are lucky enough to have 80 residents at the moment on the farm. Each resident has a background story; we share their name, age, what type of horse they are, where they came from, and what they love. Each of our residents comes to the farm when they are in a retired state.

6. Benefits of Sponsoring the Horses

There are numerous benefits that are offered when you decide to sponsor a horse. One benefit is that you get to spend private time with the horses. This is a unique opportunity to get to know your horse better. Another benefit is you are able to groom and bathe your horse. Volunteers at Ryerss will show you how to groom the horse so you know what to do before you start. This is yet another way to bond with your sponsored horse. You can set up a visit to do either of these things with us.

A family with a horse at Ryerss Farm

7. Treats for the Horse

What better way to spoil horses than to feed them treats! You’ll have the opportunity to pick out a few treats and give them to the horses. Different horse treats include carrots, apple slices, and hay cubes. Not only is this a fun experience for you, but the horses love it when they are fed treats. Keep in mind, we do have strict guidelines about treats here at the farm; we want to keep our residents happy and healthy so it’s important to follow the rules while you’re here with us!

8. Souvenirs from the Gift Shop

Even though you can’t leave with one of our beautiful horses, you can still leave with a gift! We have different types of souvenirs that you can choose from in the gift shop. Souvenirs can range from stuffed animals to keychains and postcards.

9. Spend Quality Time with your Favorite Horse

At Ryerss, our horses are extremely loved and nurtured. These animals are amazing, smart, and calm. Spending time with your favorite horse can really be a therapeutic tool. They are trustworthy, can give immediate feedback, and will mirror your feelings. You’ll leave Ryerss feeling relaxed and content.

Girl feeding horse at Ryerss

10. Barn Tour

Another fun thing that you can do at Ryerss is taking a barn tour. Our volunteers will take you through the barn where you can look and pet the horses in the stable. During the tour, the volunteers will share some fascinating information about the horses. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you have about our stables, the barn itself, or the horses.

We would love for you to come visit our horses, walk around the farm, and learn more about what we do. Visit our website to learn more about our horses and what we do!

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