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Different Types of Horses That you can Find at Ryerss Farm

Group of horses

At Ryerss Farm, we have all different types of horses come to our farm. Each horse will range in age, breed, and walks of life. Below is more information about the specific horse breed as well as the names of the horses we have.

Brown Quarter horse

Quarter Horse

This type of horse is among the most popular and oldest horse breeds. Quarter Horses are known for their docility, athleticism, and agility. They are amazing show horses as well as great horses to take on the trail. Physical characteristics of the Quarter Horse included medium-bond, finely chiseled head, wide forehead, and a flat profile. These horses can weigh anywhere from 950 to 1,200 pounds. There are a large number of horses at Ryerss that are from the Quarter Horse breed. Anja is an Andalusia/Quarterhorse (Azteca), Bailey is a palomino Quarter Horse, Bucky is a Buckskin Quarter Horse gelding, Buddy is a chestnut Quarter Horse, Casey is a Quarter Horse gelding, Colton is a sorrel rabicano Quarter Horse, Dandy is a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross, Diesel is a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, Niles is a Quarter Horse cross gelding, and Peanut is a Dun Quarter horse mare. Taxi and Zach are both chestnut Quarter Horse geldings. Ginger, Wellington, and Mystery are all Bay Quarter Horses.

Three thoroughbreds


This type of horse is a popular, well-known racing breed. Thoroughbreds have speed, agility, and spirit. These horses are put into competitions that include racing, dressage, and jumping. The physical characteristics of a thoroughbred include a deep chest, lean body, and long, flat muscles. These horses can weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 1,300 pounds. There are numerous thoroughbreds located at Ryerss farm. Bounder, Crafty, Gatsby, Star, and Mikey are all Thoroughbred geldings. Ruby and Sequence are both chestnut Thoroughbred mares. Dim Sums, Golden Halo, Mingles, Wicky, Justin, Smartie, and Fortune are all Bay Thoroughbreds. Pounce and Winston are chestnut Thoroughbreds. Roxy and Sweet Pea are thoroughbreds. Dandy is a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross, Diablo is a grey Thoroughbred/Trakener cross gelding, Grey Mist is a grey Thoroughbred/Warmblood mare, Malibu is a Bay Thoroughbred/Hanoverian cross, Minnie is a Bay Percheron/Thoroughbred cross mare, Miss Muff is a Bay Thoroughbred cross mare, Molly is a grey Thoroughbred mare (“flea-bitten”), and Prince is a Bay Thoroughbred/Trakener cross gelding.

White arabian horse


This type of horse is the oldest breed registry; they date back to 3000 B.C. They are known to be loving, loyal, and extremely spirited. Arabian horses have lithe, compact bodies, wedge-shaped heads, and a short back with sloping shoulders and powerful hindquarters. They can weigh anywhere between 800 to 1,000 pounds. One horse at Ryerss, Bianca, is a gray Arabian mare.

Black Warmblood horse


This type of horse is known for its trainability, calm temperament, athleticism, and agility. The horse is created from crossbreeding; cold large draft breeds and smaller, quick, hot horses are bred together. These horses are usually put into competitions and come from Thoroughbred, Arabian, or draft horse bloodlines. There are a few horses at Ryerss that are Warmbloods. Brumby is a dark Bay Warmblood, Grey Mist, is a grey Thoroughbred/Warmblood mare, Henry is a Bay Dutch Warmblood, Legion is a chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding, Libby is a Royal Dutch Warmblood, and Paseana is a Swedish Warmblood.

Pony in a field


Ponies are a well-known type of horse. They are a great first horse for children. Ponies are known to be gentle and to have endurance as well as style. A small pony usually weighs between 225-350 pounds and a large pony weighs between 250-360 pounds. They have well-pricked ears and large prominent eyes. Three horses at Ryerss are considered to be ponies. Jax is a pony gelding, Squirt is an Icelandic/Welsh pony, and Woody is a Welsh pony cross gelding.

Brown Morgan horse


This type of horse is known for strength and elegance. The horse is usually used for driving or racing purposes. The physical characteristics include small ears, expressive eyes, and a crested neck. They weigh anywhere from 900 to 1,100 pounds. There are two horses on Ryerss Farm that are Morgan horses. Brownie is a black Morgan horse and Cappy is a chestnut Morgan horse.

Our horses are specifically aged equines who have been abused at one point in their life or their owner has decided to retire them at Ryerss Farm. To learn more about each individual horse, what the horse has accomplished, which horses are the most popular at the farm, and when the horse came to the farm, visit our residents’ page.

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