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Experience the Magic of Ryerss Farm: A Haven for Horses and Families

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Ryerss Farm is a sanctuary for both equines and visitors seeking a slice of tranquility and equine companionship. As a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of retired and rescued horses, Ryerss Farm offers an enriching experience for all who step onto its grounds.

About Us: A Home for Equine Retirement

Ryerss Farm, established in 1888 by Anne and Robert Ryerss, remains committed to providing a peaceful haven for retired and rescued horses. Our mission to care for these majestic creatures has continued for over a century, creating a safe and loving environment where horses receive the care they deserve in their twilight years. Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines is the oldest non-profit horse sanctuary in the United States and continues to provide a haven for horses of all breeds, sizes, and walks of life, thanks to the far-reaching vision of a bold and determined lady named Anne Waln Ryerss. 

Meet Our Horses:

Here at Ryerss, we are home to about 80 senior horses at a time.  As our name specifies, the residents of our farm are primarily retired horses 20 years of age or older, many with chronic health issues. 

Meet a few of our lovely residents:

Horse Blaze is a black and white pinto gelding, standing 13.3 hands high.

Blaze: Blaze was born in 1998 and retired to Ryerss Farm on March 12, 2019.  He is a black and white pinto gelding, standing 13.3 hands high. Blaze comes from the Monmouth County (NJ) Park System where he was a therapeutic riding horse from 2013 until the time he came here.  His favorite part of the week was doing yoga alongside veterans in the “Harmony for Heroes” program. After helping many children and adults, Blaze is looking forward to his retired life here at Ryerss. 

Duke, registered name Majestic Seeker, was born in 1996 in Missouri.

Duke: Duke, registered name Majestic Seeker, was born in 1996 in Missouri.  His former owner purchased him in 2007 in New Hampshire for their daughter.  Together, they made it up through her C rating in Pony Club and competed in many shows.  When she left for college, he began a career as a lesson horse for younger students.  He loved the kids and the attention they gave him.  They retired him to Ryerss Farm on May 8, 2021.  Duke is a very handsome chestnut Quarter Horse who stands 15.1 hands high.  “We were blessed to have Duke in our lives, and we want him to have a great retirement.”  We love having Duke here at Ryerss. 

Horse Sweet Pea She is a thoroughbred former racehorse standing 15.2 hands high.

Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea was born sometime around 1991 and was brought to Ryerss Farm in April 2010; pregnant and desperately in need of help. She is a Thoroughbred former racehorse standing 15.2 hands high. She came to us through the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, which removed her from “terribly neglectful” conditions.  Sweet Pea was extremely undernourished. It was feared that she might have a difficult birth, but she surprised everyone and delivered a healthy foal.  Plentiful food and loving care at Ryerss Farm enabled Sweet Pea to return to good health and care for her foal during its first year. She is now happy, healthy and content.

Horse Admission Process:

Ryerss Farm has a waiting list and admission process. This process ensures each horse receives the care and attention they need in their retirement years. At times, there is a waiting list to get into Ryerss, but our dedicated team will work with you to keep you updated throughout the process. Once an opening is available, the owner will be notified in writing.  If the owner elects to admit the horse, the owner will contact Ryerss to schedule a time to bring the horse to Ryerss Farm.  A horse may be added to the list at any age but will not be eligible for admittance until he or she is at least 20 years old. To fill out the waiting list application, please click here

Visit the Farm:

Ryerss Farm welcomes visitors of all ages to experience the joys of interacting with these wonderful creatures. Perfect for kids, the Farm offers the delightful opportunity to feed treats to the horses, fostering a sense of connection and understanding between humans and equines.

Yearly Events:

Throughout the year, Ryerss Farm hosts engaging events such as Ryerss Run and Family Fun Day, inviting the community to celebrate the equine residents. Family Fun Day is an excellent opportunity for the whole family to have a fun-filled day at the farm. This year, we had pony rides, hay rides, a moon bounce, face painting, crafts, games, prizes, and more! We also held the event "carnival style," so guests could purchase tickets for access to different activities.  These events showcase the beauty and majesty of horses while bringing families together for unforgettable experiences.


Guided tours provide an insightful glimpse into the daily lives of the horses and the dedicated efforts of the Farm's caretakers.

Guided tours provide an insightful glimpse into the daily lives of the horses and the dedicated efforts of the Farm's caretakers. Visitors can explore the grounds, learn about horse care, and witness firsthand the remarkable bond between humans and these remarkable animals. Tours are $5.00 per person regardless of age and are approximately forty-five minutes to an hour in length.  We welcome all age groups; however, children must be supervised at all times. We are open from 10 AM to 4 PM every day of the year, and we are happy to have you visit our horses!

Ryerss Farm stands as a testament to compassion, dedication, and reverence for these magnificent animals. Whether you're seeking a family-friendly outing, an educational experience, or simply a peaceful retreat, a visit to Ryerss Farm promises an unforgettable journey into the world of equine grace and serenity.  To learn more about our beloved horses as well as our mission and values, head over to our website today!

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