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What it Means to Sponsor a Horse at Ryerss Farm.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Sponsoring a horse is more than just a donation, it is a unique opportunity to get involved in our residents’ lives. At Ryerss we provide a home for these remarkable animals where they can be happy and safe as they live out the rest of their days. You can help us with this mission.

Sponsor-A-Horse Program

Our “Sponsor-A-Horse Program;” allows individuals, families, or groups to help a horse for an entire year. All our horses are given special attention, care, and love. Once Ryerss welcomes a horse or other equine, to our farm, the financial responsibility becomes ours. This adds up to a considerable sum, but by sponsoring a horse you assist us in continuing our mission. For only $500 a year, you can sponsor one of our equines. All sponsors receive a picture, certificate, and biography of their selected horse. You also receive special privileges like scheduling private time with your horse, during normal visiting hours, to groom and get to know them.

“Absolutely love sponsoring and not that costly,” said one of our sponsors, Rebecca Coleman.

All of our horses have at least one sponsor, some are even fortunate enough to have more than one, but the sponsorship funds are distributed among all of our horses. To learn more about these horses and our residents, please go to Meet the Horses on our website.

NEW Ways to Help our Residents

If you’re looking for additional ways to help the residents here at Ryerss Farm, we have two brand new options!

“Pedicures” (hoof trimming)

Horses need their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks; treat your favorite horse to a Ryerss pedicure. This is a completely pain-free process, as the part of the hoof that is trimmed does not contain any nerve endings. The horse will feel a similar sensation as we do when getting our fingernails trimmed. Moreover, many horses enjoy having their feet cleaned and trimmed!

Dental Check-up

It is important that horses have good dental care so they can live a long and healthy life. Ryerss horses receive a dental visit once a year. Sponsor a dental visit for your favorite horse at Ryerss and give the gift of a healthy smile!Give our horses a reason to smile by taking care of their yearly dental check-up.

Horses with rainbow

Spending Time With Our Horses

What has the power to make us feel happy, safe, and hopeful? Sponsoring an equine makes a great gift for birthdays or holidays, you can even sponsor a horse in the name of a loved one. Visit our website and fill out a sponsorship form. Experience the wonderful feeling of helping these magnificent senior animals enjoy their retirement. Spending time with horses can be very therapeutic. Horses are beneficial to the mental and physical health of humans, they often build people's confidence and improve their social skills. The residents of Ryerss Farm can also create a sense of community where people come and connect to nature. Check out our Facebook page to see how our community interacts with our horses.

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